Natural Immune Booster

Find out which types of infections echinacea may help prevent or treat.

Antiviral, Antifungal, & Antibacterial Echinacea Benefits

Overview of echinacea's antimicrobial effects.

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Can Echinacea Prevent or Help Treat the Common Cold and Flu?

Despite some controversy, it appears that for adults, echinacea can probably help prevent and treat infections like the common cold and seasonal flu.

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Does Echinacea Really Work?

A frequent area of research is on whether or not echinacea can prevent or reduce the symptoms of the common cold. A number of clinical studies have yielded conflicting results. What does this mean? Find out more here.

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Anti-Herpes Effects of Echinacea

Preliminary studies suggest 2 species of echinacea may have herpes-fighting benefits.

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Echinacea and HIV or AIDS

Studies show echinacea has demonstrated experimental success against the virus that causes HIV infection and AIDS. But some experts say echinacea's effects on the immune system may be dangerous for people with AIDS.

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