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Natural Herbal Help for Bad Breath

When combined with other herbs, echinacea can fight bad breath as well as commercial antiseptic ingredients.

Echinacea's aromatic compounds may make it a natural herbal remedy for bad breath. Scientifically called halitosis, bad breath is caused by smelly VSC compounds released from:(75)

  • Decomposing proteins left in the mouth from food.
  • Normal oral bacteria or bacteria from illness.
  • Compounds produced by the body when a person is sick.

Evidence of Benefit

In a clinical study, 56 volunteers participated in 3 experiments to test the effectiveness of different adhesive tablets in getting rid of bad breath. The treatment tablets were comprised of:(60)

The tablets were compared against each other and a placebo tablet with no active ingredients.(60)

Effectiveness in the first two tests was measured both subjectively and with readings on a Halimeter, which measures VSC levels. The final test also measured the effect of the herbal ingredients on three common oral pathogens.(60)

The results showed:(60)

  • The herbal tablet containing echinacea reduced VSC levels more than the other 2 treatment tablets.
  • Unlike the other 3 herbal ingredients, the echinacea dosage level used in this study did not show any antimicrobial activity.

However, other studies of herbal mouthwash and toothpaste containing echinacea suggest it does have antimicrobial benefits against the same pathogens in this study.(6776)

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Volatile sulfide compounds (VSCs).(75)
An antimicrobial agent that can be used as an oral rinse.(60)
Bacterial and fungal microbes.(60)
Lavandula angustifolia.(46)
Salvia officinalis.(46)