Natural Immune Booster

Safety and precautions when using echinacea.

Is Echinacea Safe?

Echinacea is a one of the most commonly used herbs for health. However, because it has medicinal properties, experts suggest it should be used with caution.

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Safety Concerns Using Echinacea for Ear Infections

What do lab and clinical studies say about using echinacea to prevent ear infections?

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Does Echinacea Cause Liver Damage?

Some herbs are linked to increased risk of hepatitis or even liver failure. Is there evidence that echinacea can change liver enzyme levels and cause liver damage?

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Potential Unsafe Drug Interactions With Echinacea

Experts suggest that echinacea may interfere with the effectiveness of certain drugs. Find out which ones here.

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Is Echinacea Safe to Use Before Surgery?

The effects of echinacea on the immune system has caused conflicting concerns with experts. Find out more here.

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Does Echinacea Cause Infertility or Birth Defects?

Learn about echinacea's effects on fertility.

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